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Network Security Consulting


Both small and large companies share the risk of cyber threats.  By assessing current policies and procedures and impletmenting new ones, the risk can be minimized.


At End of Line Security we provide network threat assessment and penetration testing services to help improve the overall network security of your business.  With tabletop discussion we can provide insight into the incident response plan in place, or develop a new policy for how to deal with a possible incident.


Protect you from outside threats that want to collect your sensitive information and use your network for their own purpose at your expense and liability.


Don't be afraid of the Internet.  Be smart about it.

  • Network Threat Assessment

  • Security Policy Review

  • Incident Response Planning

  • Internal & External Penetration Testing

  • ​User Privilage Auditing

  • ​Insider Threat Mitigation Best Practices

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