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As a network security company, we offer a variety of services to validate your current security measures and polices or to help you to create new ones that will work for your specific network or business.

Network Threat Assessment

This starts with a review of your network topology to identify vulnerabilities that may exist in logical placement of network devices that may leave them vulnerable to outside attacks.

Security Policy Review

We will review with you your current network and user policies to ensure that they are clear and concise so your users and maintainers of your network can safely preform their work without sacrificing safety.

Incident Response Planning

At a table top discussion, we will discuss what constitutes an event and when to report an incident.  Also, we will help you draft a plan of action to take if an incident occurs so you can report it correctly and take appropriate action.

Penetration Testing

After reviewing logical your logical network infrastructure and the current or newly established security policies, a live penetration test can be preformed to validate that all established security measures prevent or deture a real world cyber attack.

User Privilage Auditing

We will review your current user privilages to ensure that only authorized people have the privilages they need to accomplish their position.  Also help put in place a means of documenting those people that have been granted advanced privilages.

Insider Threats

No matter how well you secure your physical network, your users are already inside your network and can cause problems if not properly trained to avoid some of the more common cyber attack techniques.

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