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End of Line Security is a small company located in the Capitol Region that wants to both raise awareness of network security vulnerabilities and help businesses mitigate possible threats to their equipment and personel.

End of Line Security

Even the smallest companies and businesses in the Captial Region are at risk.  Helping your company identify and mitigate these risks is our purpose.   You may not see your small business as a target for cyber attacks, but cyber criminals see your infrastructure as amunition for attacks on larger businesses.

Many businesses do not have their own dedicated network security staff due to the cost or the idea that they will not be a target.  End of Line Security offers the information, assessments and training needed to affordably help protect your network and personel f
rom some of the more common attacks that could compromise your machines.

The most common attacks can be prevented with clear user policies and training.  We offer structured policies and trainings for current and new employees and also refresher training at intervals to reinforce the importance of the established policy.

​The first step we take is a static assessment of your current network setup to identify any vulnerabilities in the configuration or placement of logical devices.  From then we move to the workstations or endpoints to ensure a common baseline and verify that patches and updates have been applied throughout the entire network to ensure there is no weak spot or "low hanging fruit" that could be used as a foothold to the entire network.

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